Organized Sound is Music

Repetition of sound creates a frequency. The cessation of the sound grouping or event being the trough and the perceived sound grouping or event as the crest. This applies to huge and diverse groupings of sound. The complex drone of a hydraulic press with all of its whines, clanks and thuds creates a structure that isn’t measured in the bar and beat but rather in it’s own cycle. Having heard the music of the brake press, punch press, shearer and pem press for hours during production has allowed its rhythm to permeate my thoughts. Some are frenetic pulses of extreme volume and intensity with metal on metal while others are the lightest articulations of the movement of a mechanical arm or back stop. Each individual sound adds to the tapestry that becomes the texture.

During a cycle you are engaged with the machine and part of its rhythmic language. If you pause a bit between bends four and five the period of the overall cycle is longer. If you move a bit faster, then the overall is shorter. There are limitations to how fast you can go but once you have a sense of flow the rhythm is undeniable. The sound you’ve created in previous repetitions becomes your guide to creating the next piece. This cycle is musical but not in a diatonic or even a percussive framework. It is organized and identifiable. It has a period and is able to be manipulated by the operator. It is music.

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